Matter's New Browser Extension

Sep 13

At long last, Safari and Firefox browser extensions are here!

We started with a Chrome extension, now we're expanding the options for you to save from desktop web.

Contextual Search

Sep 10

Today we're excited to take search to the next level.

You can now search your Library directly – including full text – even when you're offline.

And, you can now search within any article – even when you're offline.

Quick Filters

Sep 2

Choosing what to read takes effort. The more you save, the harder it can be to choose.

Now, you can dive into reading faster by filtering your queue by article length and progress.

And, for those who want to look beyond their most recent saves, we've added a wild card: the shuffle button!

Save behind paywalls

Aug 25

When you save an article from the web, Matter presents it in a beautiful reader view that strips out the distractions, lets you highlight and play audio, and is available offline.

Today, we're excited to introduce a major upgrade to our article parsing engine: you can now save articles when you're signed into paywalls!

It also works with our web extensions. Install the web extension for Chrome, Safari, or Firefox to save from your desktop browser. If you're already using the web extension, it'll be updated automatically.

Highlights from your network

Jul 30

Today, we’re making it easier for you to see highlights from the people you follow in Matter.

We’re particularly excited about this feature because we love marginalia! And, have heard from so many of you that it’s part of what you love about reading in Matter.

Just go to your Activity screen and you’ll see any recent public highlights from the people you follow:


Jul 6

It's often useful to get a visual overview of an article so you can quickly gauge its contents and jump to sections of interest.

We've created Minimaps so you can do just that.

From any article, two-finger tap to see the Minimap. Navigate to a section by tapping it on the Minimap.

Matter Extensions: 
Safari, Firefox, Chrome

Jul 1

At long last, Safari and Firefox browser extensions are here!

We started with a Chrome extension, now we're expanding the options for you to save from desktop web.

Matter is in the App Store!

Jun 25

Matter is in the App Store!

If you've been using TestFlight, make sure you switch over to get the latest version for iPhone and iPad.

Matter is still invite only while we build the community thoughtfully.

Looking for an invite? Ask one of these beta users!

Sync to Notion

Jun 4

Hot on the heels of Notion unveiling its API (beta), we're excited to release an integration with Notion!

Sync to Notion to have your highlights where you write.

Matter should sync seamlessly with all your knowledge management tools. Many more integrations are on the horizon.

Highlighting Upgrades

May 21

Today, we're excited to bring you an even better highlighting experience on iPhone and iPad!

This release includes improvements like Edit, Go to location, Export, & Offline mode.

Edit highlights. Long press and drag the edge to shrink or expand a highlight.

Go to location. Tap from the highlight sheet to jump to a highlight's location.

Export. Export your highlights and annotations from any article using the share extension.

Offline mode. Highlighting and annotation now work cleanly when you're offline.

Audio Highlights

May 13

Audio and highlights are two of Matter's most powerful features. Trouble is, you can't highlight if you're not looking at the screen.

Until now.

Today, we're delighted to introduce Audio Highlights so you can capture highlights while you listen!

To make an audio highlight, simply squeeze both volume buttons at the same time. If you use AirPods, you can triple tap for the same result.

Favorite Writers

May 7

Everyone has writers they read first.

Today, we're introducing Favorite Writers to make sure yours don't get lost in the shuffle.

The way it works is simple: Swipe right to favorite a writer and you'll see them first.

Are you a curator?

April 29

In our world of content overload, curation has never been more vital. Curators cut through the noise to help us find ideas that matter.

We think there can be *many* more curators, from tasteful internet citizens like @turningchaos, @deepa, and @seanrose, to tight knit groups that gather over the ideas they love.

Today we're excited to give you a new place to curate your reading to the world. Your public profile is at: getmatter.app/your_handle

Your New Profile

April 22

Today your profile gets a makeover!

Are you a writer? You can now add a button linking to your newsletter, Patreon, or other signup page.

Are you a curator? Your recommendations and public highlights have a new home on the fourth tab.

Queue Control

April 8

Today we're thrilled to give you greater control over your Queue.

Re-ordering your articles is as easy as pressing the handle and dragging.

Want to prioritize? Swipe right to send to the top.

Done? Swipe left to archive.

Your New Inbox

Mar 24

Getting newsletters should be joyful, not stressful.

Your new reading Inbox makes it fast and *fun* to sift through the latest from your favorite writers.

We've massively upgraded the Inbox based on your feedback:

* Swipe to triage! Right to save. Left to archive.
 * Compact UI with more intuitive access.
* Quick-clearing badges to identify new writing.
* Author cards load instantly.
* Easier navigation from the Discover screen.

Better Voices

Mar 26

When we launched audio a few months ago, we were overwhelmed by the reaction.

Many of you told us it changed how you read. And, there was a common request: more human-sounding voices.

Today we're excited to bring you just that. A voice so human it can be hard to distinguish from, well, a human.

Give it a listen and judge for yourself.

Audio Queuing

Mar 24

Audio queuing is finally here!

Now you can listen to your newsletters, blogs, and articles as a playlist.

Read while you walk. Read while you drive. Read while you fold laundry. You get the gist.


Mar 16

Hot on the heels of Quoteshots, we're excited to release our first widget — curated highlights!

Everyday, we'll select fresh highlights that showcase noteworthy writing & writers.

Never used a widget? Here's how to add it:

• Long press any area on your Homescreen
• Tap the plus icon that appears at the top left corner
• Search for Matter



Mar 10

Sometimes a quote is so good, plain text won't do.

So, by popular demand, we've made it easy to generate bold quoteshots, optimized for Twitter readability.

This build also includes improvements to the highlighting interaction, including dictionary lookup and the ability to initiate audio.

Long press and release a single word to access these controls:


Mar 3

We're delighted to say, annotations are here!

And, they're social.

This is such a neat feature, we made a little demo to walk you through it.

iPad Improvements

Feb 22

Did you know Matter is designed for iPad too?

This release includes a number of improvements to the iPad reading experience:

* Landscape mode
* Split-screen mode
* Margins are a touch target for scrolling
* Instant highlighting with Apple Pencil

Embedded Social Highlights

Feb 17

Today we're excited to launch embedded social highlights!

Now, you can see your friends' highlights inline as you're reading.

This release brings us one step closer to a true social-reading layer.

Social Highlights Pt 2

Feb 9

Like your friend's highlight? Now you can *like* your friend's highlight!

Stay tuned for Social Highlights Pt 3...

Social Highlights

Feb 1

Ever wish you could see your friends' highlights and marginalia? We do. Reading could be so much richer accompanied by the thoughts of people you respect!

Today, we're excited to release the *first* piece of Matter's social reading layer: social highlights.

Library 2.0

Jan 22

Matter is a place to triage, organize, and store what you read.

Today we're excited to release a number of upgrades to Matter's organizational features.

• Archive articles when you're finished
• View your highlights in one place
• Favorite articles for future reference
• Swipe-to-archive from your Queue

Readwise Integration

Jan 5

Matter should sync seamlessly with your existing knowledge management tools.

This week, by popular request, we're excited to offer our first integration — Readwise.

Sync your highlights to Readwise to remember what you read.


Dec 27

Today we're thrilled to launch our #1 most-requested feature: highlighting.

Matter already lets you read your favorite articles, blogs, and newsletters in one place. Now, you can easily capture what you want to remember, share, and revisit.

Audio Enhancements

Dec 9

Since we launched audio last week, we've been inundated with feedback.

Many of you said it's changed how you use Matter. Some of you even said it's changed how you consume written content! We're thrilled it's struck such a chord. 🎶

In response to your input, this week's release includes a number of audio enhancements:

* Double-tap anywhere on a page to play from there
* Two-finger tap to start playing from the feed
* Tap the title to start playing
* Adjust play speed from the audio card
* Drag the scrubber to jump around in an article


Nov 30

Eyes tired from all the screen time?

Today, we’re thrilled to share our biggest release yet – audio!

That’s right. You can now listen to your articles. And blogs. And Substacks. In a natural voice, generated with deep learning.

Embeds & Images

Nov 12

This week we're excited to roll out a number of improvements to the article page:
* Twitter embeds (available offline!)
* Video embeds
* Improved image cropping
* Lightbox viewer for inspecting images (tap an image, pinch to zoom)

Look & Feel

Nov 4

Matter is designed to be a comfortable, beautiful, functional place to read.

With today's release, you can customize the look and feel of the reading experience, including dark mode, brightness, text size, font, and spacing.

This release is bigger than meets the eye. Over the past two weeks, we've rebuilt the article page  in preparation for exciting functionality to come… ✨

Paid Newsletters

Oct 20

This is a big one. We're incredibly excited to announce that you can now read all your newsletters — free and paid — in Matter.

We live in a golden age of newsletters.

Problem is, your inbox isn't for reading. Most people want to spend less time there, not more.

Here's how to get set up.

In-App Roundup

Oct 10

Good news… The Weekly Roundup is now accessible directly in the app!

Each week, you'll get a notification when the Roundup is ready. We've also added Notification Settings in case you want to change the defaults.

Indy Publishers

Oct 5

Matter is writer-centric, rather than publisher-centric, because the best indicator of an article's quality is *who* wrote it.

However, there are many excellent small-batch publishers on the internet. This week, we're excited to let you follow them!

You can now follow online mags like Works in Progress, Noema, Palladium, Quanta, Real Life, and Aeon, as well as multi-author blogs like Crooked Timber, Ribbonfarm, and Persuasion.


Sep 28

If you follow lots of writers, it can be hard to keep track of what's new. Some articles get buried in the feed, making them easy to miss.

This week, we're excited to introduce a new interface (emphasis on face!) that shows you the latest from your favorite writers in a single glance.

Writer Feeds 2.0

Sep 22

Matter gives you the latest work from your favorite writers.

This week, we're excited to introduce individual writer feeds. You can now tap any writer's profile to see their recent work.


Sep 12

Over the past two weeks we've made substantial under-the-hood improvements to Matter.

The app now loads 10x faster, handles local/offline data better, and has a foundation that will enable us to build features faster.

For the more technically inclined, we:
• Increased request parallelism on the client
• Migrated local data store from memory to Realm
• Unified client data caching
• Implemented a scalable pattern for syncing the library
• Removed server bottlenecks
• Optimized individual endpoints
• Upgraded our hardware

Content Search

Aug 30

Content search is here! Now you can search across every article, blog, and newsletter you've ever seen or saved in Matter.

Search is core to Matter, and we'll continue to improve its speed, power, and relevance.

Own Your Data

Aug 21

If you're a power user, you want full control of your reading data. Maybe you're concerned about lock-in or bit rot, or just want your tools to work seamlessly with each other.

Now, with a tap, you can export a CSV of your history and a zip of your library.

On the horizon, you can look forward to: More export options and formats, including PDFs; integrations with Notion, Roam, and Readwise; and an open API.

Newsletter Forwarding

Aug 14

We live in a golden age of newsletters. Problem is, your inbox isn't the best place to read. Most people want to get through their inbox as quickly as possible, not spend more time there!

We're excited to alleviate the pain of inbox overflow with Newsletter Forwarding.

Forward any newsletter to your personal Matter address* to save it to your Matter library.

It'll be cleanly formatted, available offline, waiting for you when it's time to read.


Dark Matter

Aug 7

When you read, comfort is crucial. A bright screen can strain the eyes, especially at night.

Today we're excited to introduce Dark Matter, a beautiful dark theme designed for comfort and readability, with a dash of élan.

Your Writers Digest

Aug 5

Matter lets you follow your favorite columnists, bloggers, and newsletters.

But if you follow lots of writers, it's easy to miss their latest work.

No longer. Introducing Your Writers Digest: an email with the week's latest from your writers.

Twitter Thread Rollups

Jul 31

Twitter moves fast. For most, it's a place to surf the current.

Long threads present a dilemma. Some are brilliant, not to be missed… but they call for a different attentional mode — focus. It's hard to focus when the current moves so fast.

Now you can save Twitter threads to your Matter library to read them later.


Jul 24

As more people join Matter, and as we add more writer feeds, search becomes critical.

Now you can search for people — users and writers — in Matter.

We're giving Search its own tab to grow into. Soon you'll be able to search across every article you've ever seen or saved in Matter.


Jul 16

Reading and conversation go hand-in-hand. Now they're seamlessly integrated in Matter.

Reply to any user's post to chat about the article.

Post from Web

Jul 10

Matter's Chrome extension already makes it easy to save articles for later.

Now, you can use it to post the best of what you read straight from your browser.

Tip: Highlight any text and right-click to post the quote.


Jul 2

Now it's much easier to post articles to Matter.

Let's say you find an article you like in another app. Simply copy the URL, open Matter, and you'll be prompted to post.

Next release, you'll be able to post from any web page in two-clicks using the Chrome Extension.

Content Action Sheet

Jun 25

There's a lot you might do with an article: Save it, post it, share it. Follow its author.

In the future, there'll be more: Add to favorites, add to lists. Send privately. Play audio.

You should have all these options at your fingertip… like the content menu in Spotify.

Introducing the Content Action Sheet: 👇 Long press on any article — whether in the main feed, activity page, or library — to take an action.

Your Writers

Jun 19

Why isn't there one place to read all your favorite writers?

The internet is clamoring for an app to read newsletters (here, here, here). We want this too!

Why stop at newsletters? Why not an app for your favorite newsletters and columnists, essayists, and bloggers?

That's what we want, so that's what we built. This week, we're introducing a dedicated feed for Your Writers.


Jun 12

Profiles were missing. Now they're not.

See which authors your friends are following. And see who's following the authors you like.

In other words, people are now discoverable!

Save from Web

Jun 3

Matter is a place to save everything you want to read – including articles from the web.

Today we're releasing a Chrome extension so you can save articles from your desktop web browser. Get it here.

Then scan the QR code to connect your account.

Quote Posting

May 27

It's often hard to improve on an author's own words — you just want to share a quote!

We're making that easy. Highlight any text, tap post, and your quote will be piped into the composer.


May 22

No one wants to post into the void. We want to feel heard!

Now you'll get feedback when people save or read an article you post — or like your post.

Universal Save-It-Later

May 18

Save-It-Later is a powerful feature. It turns Matter into a universal reader, like Pocket or Instapaper.

Use the share extension on your mobile browser or any app to save articles into Matter. They'll be cleanly formatted, fast-to-load, and available offline.

We will soon be releasing a Chrome extension so you can save from your desktop browser.

Turning Social

May 1

Matter is a place to get writing from people you trust. That includes people you know.

This week, we introduce social accounts. Create an account, find your people, and recommend an article. It'll appear in the new Activity tab.

Matter has turned social at the tender age of 7 weeks and its functionality is nascent. Stay tuned, it will be evolving quickly!

The Weekly Roundup

April 22

We hope you've enjoyed the Winno newsletter over the course of its short, fruitful life.

This week, the Winno dissolves to be reincarnated as Matter. You'll get the same article recommendations in your inbox, with a new name and new skin.

As a bonus, you can save articles directly from the email into the Matter app.

Author notifications

April 14

When you subscribe to writers, their latest work appears in your feed.

Sometimes you like a writer so much you don't want to miss a piece. Now, you can choose to get push notifications so you never will.

Turning on notifications is as simple as tapping the bell icon. Turning them off is just as easy.

We know too many notifications can be overwhelming, so they're off by default.

Password-less Accounts

April 9

Twitter sign in was a temporary way of creating accounts. We started there because it lets you find your favorite writers and allowed us to keep things simple.

Now, users have two options for creating an account: Sign in with Apple and Sign in with Email via Magic Link.

We recommend Sign in with Apple: it's two taps, as secure as Apple, and allows you to mask your email if you choose.

We dislike passwords so we don't ask you to use one. If you prefer to register via email, we'll email you a magic link in lieu of setting a password.


April 2

We present articles in a reader-friendly format so they're fast to load, easy on the eyes, and available offline. But PDFs — common for research papers — can't naturally be converted into this format.

With this release, we're introducing support for PDFs. PDFs, too, will be available offline.

PDFs may be infrequent in today's curated feed. When we introduce the ability to save and share external articles into the app, it will become a more powerful feature.


March 27

Other reading apps let you archive articles when you're done.

We're upgrading the archive. Now, every article you save or view is kept in History — for all time. You can always return to what you were reading, even if you never saved it.

Profile Cards

March 19

Matter runs on trust — trust in individuals.

You probably know many of the thinkers we feature. No one needs to tell you who Bill Gates is. But who are the others? Now, with profile cards, you can quickly find out.

Why cards and not pages? Profile pages will come when we launch full user accounts.

Hello, world!

March 10

Welcome to the alpha version of Matter for iOS.

Matter is a reading app that brings you recommendations from people you trust.

In this alpha, you can look forward to:

Curated recommendations:
We sift through tens of thousands of tweets per day to find articles we — and public thinkers — consider interesting and important.

Author-centric RSS:
We fetch the latest writing from your favorite authors, wherever it’s published. Columns, blogs, email newsletters, magazine features — we pull from everywhere.

Superior reading experience:
Articles are optimized for reading: fast to load, cleanly formatted, and available offline.

Thank you for being part of the journey with us on Day 1.

Audio Queuing

Mar 24

Audio queuing is finally here!

Now you can listen to your newsletters, blogs, and articles as a playlist.

Read while you walk. Read while you drive. Read while you fold laundry. You get the gist.

Never used a widget? Here's how to add it:

• Long press any area on your Homescreen
• Tap the plus icon that appears at the top left corner
• Search for Matter


Your New Profile

April 22

Today your profile gets a makeover!

Are you a writer? You can now add a button linking to your newsletter, Patreon, or other signup page.

Are you a curator? Your recommendations and public highlights have a new home on the fourth tab.